Cremation Services

The death of a loved one is a difficult and challenging time.  Should you or your loved one decide cremation is an option that will meet your needs, one of our compassionate funeral directors will meet with you to provide you with cremation options available to honor your loved one at an affordable cost at one of our three convenient locations in Endicott, Vestal or Apalachin.

Not all cremation services are designed the same.  Coleman and Daniels Funeral Home, LLC. provides additional services for cremations that help you and your family respectfully memorialize your loved one while providing you with resources and expertise to ease you through the challenges of this difficult time.

We will schedule an appointment at a convenient time for you and your family to sit down and discuss topics that will encompass the entire process from beginning to end.  The first step is to decide which cremation service suits your needs.  These are some of the cremation options available to you at Coleman & Daniels Funeral Home, LLC. 

  • Full Service Cremation
  • Memorial Service
  • Direct Cremation

The “Cremation Options” tab offers complete details and prices. 

Coleman and Daniels Funeral Home, LLC uses a locally owned and reputable crematory with exceptional tracking methods which includes a numbered ID chip that will accompany your loved one through the entire cremation process and will be returned to you with your loved ones cremains ensuring you that the process was completed in a thorough manner and that your loved one was cared for with the utmost dignity and respect. 

Our directors will also obtain necessary information about your loved one to file and obtain certified death certificates.  Certified death certificates are imperative to settle insurance claims, financial institution will require them to transfer money and close accounts, attorneys requires them to process wills or probate estates.  Other government agencies may also require them upon the death of a loved one.  

We also contact:

  • Social Security Administration
  • Physician offices
  • Insurance companies
  • Religious affiliations of your loved one
  • Cemetery of your choice

You will also be assisted with the creation of an obituary should you need any guidance and we will submit your notification to the newspaper of your choice.  These are services that some other low cost cremation providers may not offer.