These options are examples of the types of services we offer. You are not limited to these selections.

We do not want your choices to be more than is affordable nor less than you would like to arrange. It is important that the arrangements you choose are in keeping with your wishes and budget.

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These are some of the cremation options available to you at Coleman & Daniels Funeral Home.

Cremation Option #1 CLICK HERE TO VIEW
This sample service is a traditional funeral service with the remains present for viewing.

Cremation Option #2 – CLICK HERE TO VIEW
This sample cremation option offers a memorial service (with or without the cremains present) at the funeral home.

Cremation Option #3 - CLICK HERE TO VIEW
Direct Cremation – This sample type of service is for those families that prefer simplicity.  There are no formal calling/visitation hours, funeral or memorial service. Cremation takes place after all the necessary legal documents are secured​.