Cremation Service Option #2

This sample cremation option offers a memorial service
(with or without the cremains present) at the funeral home.

Transfer of remains from place of death to the funeral home, including personnel, equipment and vehicle (local within 30 miles)$375.00
Basic Arrangements$1,300.00
Service car to crematory$350.00
Alternative Container (Fiberboard Cremation container)$45.00
Supervision (Funeral Director and Staff) at Memorial Service$530.00
Facility for Memorial Service$530.00

Total Funeral Home Charges *$3,130.00

There are charges for cash advance items in addition to funeral home charges. Cash advances are third party purchases made on behalf of the family. Some examples of cash advance items include, but are not limited to, the following: Crematory (Approximately $425.00), clergy/church honorarium, certified copies of the death certificate, hairdressing, organist, soloist, florist, newspaper notices.

Cremation Urns are available in many different styles.  They are not required by law.  Cremation urn prices range from $150.00 - $1,000.00.

An urn vault selection is recommended for ground burials, but are not required by law.  Urn vault prices range from $980.00 to $1,540.00.  Some cemeteries require urn vaults.

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