Funeral Service option #1

This sample option has calling/visitation hours devoted to one day.
The funeral service is the second day with the burial to follow.

Transfer of remains to the funeral establishment including personnel, equipment and vehicle.$350.00
Standard Preparation of remains$870.00
Basic Arrangements $1,220.00
Supervision (Funeral director and staff) for visitation$385.00
Supervision (Funeral director and staff) for funeral service$530.00
Use of facilities (Funeral Home) for visitation$485.00
Use of facilities (Funeral Home) for funeral service$595.00
Funeral Coach (Local - within 30 miles)$325.00
Lead Car$220.00
Register Book$65.00
Acknowledgement Cards (2 boxes)$40.00
Memorial folders or Prayer cards (per 100)$95.00

Total Funeral Home Charges *$5,380.00

* Plus:
          *Plus Casket selection starting @ $1,220.00 to $5,056.00 (Alternative Containers are available)
          *Plus outer burial container (if required) starting @ $1,548.00 to $16,662.00

There are cash advance items in addition to the funeral home charges. Some examples of cash advance items are, but not limited to, the following: Cemetery charges, clergy honorarium, certified copies of the death certificate, hairdressing, organist, soloist, florist, newspapers, monument engraving.
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