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Obituary of Stanley Kata

June Kata: Stan was born in Patterson NJ 8/19/1957 and before I met him in 1981, he served in the US Air Force. We met at my church and fell in love, 3 months later we were married on 9/5/1981. Jesus, and serving Him was the center of our marriage. Two weeks later Stan was a student at Word of Life Bible Institute. For his summer of service, he taught and preached on the streets of Chicago at Moody Bible Institute. Stan loved to talk to people and get to know them. He graduated from Davis College and received his BA in Biblical Studies from Lael College. We stayed in the Endicott area and raised our 3 sons Daniel Joel and Andrew. For many years we were involved with the Friendship Family program for international students at BU. This was one of his greatest joys. He also served as deacon and teacher in the local churches. After developing frontal lobe dementia, he was discouraged with losing his ability to communicate. He still trusted Jesus and served Him the best he could. One of our last conversations was about how we aren't perfect just forgiven by the blood of Jesus. His life verse was Micah 6:8 He has told you, O man what is good; And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God. Daniel Kata: What do you say about the man's man that made me who I am today? I was his firstborn and dubbed his Buddy. His first words to me (and his other boys) were Jesus loves you. We knew from the time we could carry a conversation of that. If there was one thing, he would want me to take from having him as my Earthly Father; was how to know my Heavenly Father. I know Him thanks to Stan Kata. He wore his heart on his sleeve more than any other man I've known, loved fiercely, was courageous, goofy (my favorite part) and bold. He was who he was and didn't care what anyone thought of him. What you saw is what you got. I admired that immensely. He enjoyed meeting new people, garage sales, guns…lots of guns, movies, books of all kinds and learning. He was always working to improve himself. He was a collector of many different things. You would know this the second you stepped into their home. He loved spending time with his boys. He would make time to spend with us individually. Take us to lunch and a movie or the park. He always told me "You make time for the ones you love and want to be around". I wasn't very good at that. Cats in the cradle. There aren't enough words, time, or space to explain how much that man means to his family and me. As he would say the Lord knows. Thanks for always letting us know how proud of us you were, how loved we were, and how much we meant to you daily. We won't ever forget. You'll continue to shine through us; just as Gods love shown through you. Your mind is back and you're with our creator. This isn't goodbye. We will meet again in eternity. Your boys will pick up the Kata torch and exactly where you left off in this world. Not that she needs it, but we'll take care of your rock and our mother. Speaking of Mom, thanks for letting me get my ears pierced when she said no. I love you and I'm proud of you Dad. -Buddy Joel Kata: Dad, was the biggest influence in my life. He was gracious, caring, strong, kind, but most of all he loved me and my brothers more than anything in this life. He was always willing to sacrifice if it meant we could have something more. He was never short of time for us. Didn't matter the time of day or what he was doing, if we needed him, he would answer the call. He was always quick to right his wrongs and would always forgive us if we did something wrong. Many of my passions today come from him, many of my likes and dislikes come from him, my sense of humor and how I view the world comes from him but most importantly my faith in Jesus Christ, is because of him. I have taken for granted having him always there. Now I am struggling the most and I don't have him here, but he is at the feet of Jesus which is where he always longed to be. I can only hope I carry on his values, passion but most of all love. I love you and miss you dearly Dad. Andrew Kata: It still doesn't feel real that he's gone, Dad was always a titan with words, and he was always there when you needed him. He made me who I am today. The struggle and the loss will always be hard, but I'm also filled with joy knowing he is with his savior. When I look in the mirror I still see him, and remember all the lessons learned and memories we had. I know he would be making the same jokes and telling the same stories because he valued time and a good conversation over any other hobby. I learned my appreciation for language and reading from him. He would always take the time to read to me and my brothers growing up, I got my love of people, and the vital importance of morality from him, and I got my desire to learn and always strive to be better from him. At the end of the day grief is just love, it's loving what was had and the memories that will continue and its love in knowing we wouldn't be who we are without them. I will continue to honor Dad, and ill forever be thankful for his raising of me through the hands of God, Thank you so much! I will love you and miss you always! Melissa Gluszynski: Stanley Kata Jr. was a beautiful man who deeply loved his family and friends but above all loved his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Stan many times described himself as an artist, but his true calling was his interest and concern for everyone he met. He enjoyed going to garage sales and had fun finding something unique but moreover he cherished talking with people he met there. People he wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet anywhere else. Many times, it was hard to pull him away from his new just met friends. He's so enjoyed "meeting people where they are" which was his Christian philosophy as well. He would walk in his neighborhood with a constant prayer and hope to meet neighbors along the way and have opportunity to witness to them, hopefully planting a small seed that would lead them to the Lord. He had many interests that came and went, but his one constant was his love for those closest to him and his hope to bring the love of Jesus Christ to everyone he met no matter where he found them no matter where they were. Stanley Kata's memorial service will be held on March 18th, 2023 at 11:00am at CalTab Church, 729 Main Street, Vestal, NY 13850.
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