Martin Rozboril Sr

Obituary of Martin Rozboril Sr

Today, October 11th 2023, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ welcomed me home. I was born in Johnson City NY on January 26th 1935 to Rudolph J Rozboril and Anna T Zwierzynski (Rozboril). I also was the oldest brother to Dorothy Rozboril (Charno) brother Michael Rozboril also my fishing buddy and younger sister Rosemary Rozboril (Madden). My mom and dad died years back and my sisters and brother all still live in Johnson city. I remember my first job ever was working with my father at his welding shop called Rudy's welding on the corner of Academy St and Harry L. drive in Johnson City. I worked there all through my school years up until I went to Johnson City High School where I met my Sally (Sarah R. Sheroschick). We dated for two years but after graduating in 1954. I joined the Air Force and was stationed at Eielson Air Force base in Alaska where I worked in communications, and as an MP. Sally joined me in Alaska after she graduated high school and we were married shortly after on August 18, 1955 in the chapel on base. It was in Alaska that I was blessed with two sons Martin Rozboril Jr. and Wyatt Paul Rozboril. Sally and I braved the cold days and nights in Alaska and came back to Johnson City after my honorable discharge from the Air Force in 1958. Boy was our trip back home fun. We drove from Alaska to California and visited Sally's family they wanted us to stay with them so that I could become partner in their family sign making business. We stayed with them a couple of days then got back in our car and continued our trip back home to Johnson City. When we got to Johnson City, we lived with my parents for two weeks and then got our own apartment. Just out of the Air Force married and two children I started working. Back then you worked where you could, you really didn't have lots of choices like these kids do today. I worked welding, sold bread from a truck, construction, maintenance everything to provide for my family. After saving our money Sally and I were able to buy our first and only home in Vestal NY, where our youngest son Rudolph J. Rozboril was born. I was now the proud father of three boys who I love very much. There are many wonderful memories that I was blessed to be a part of. Memories of camping and fishing up at melody lake with gramma Curly and grampa Rudy, pizza at the Oasis, football games, baseball and lacrosse games all which involved my family. I thought I was a blessed man then but little did I know that the blessings would keep coming. Martin Jr. married Cathleen Danker and they blessed us with son Nicholas, daughter Ashley and son Tyler. Ashley married Kyle Siemer and they blessed us with their son Axel Vaughn. Tyler married Ami Fujii and blessed us with their daughter Mia, son Martin Kai and daughter Milly. Wyatt Paul married Carol L. Merriman and they blessed us with sons Joshua and Jordan and daughter's Whitney and Chelsea. Joshusa married Stephanie Dunham and they blessed us with sons Noah and Ethan. Jorda married Jeri Martin and they blessed us with daughter Sarah, sons Hunter and Jason. Whitney married John Depersiis and they blessed us with sons Elijah, Emmet, Elliot and daughter Elizabeth. Chelsea married David Porter and they blessed us with daughters Emma, Avia and son Aiden. Rudy met married/divorced Patricia Eckert they were blessed with a daughter Amanda. Rudy then met and married Elsa I. Amoros, who blessed us with her son Adam and daughter Alyssa. Adam James was in our lives for 12 short years but will forever be in our hearts. Alyssa married Joshua Ford and they blessed us with sons Caleb, Levi, daughter Abigail and son Isaac. Amanda married James Elliot and they blessed us with son James and daughter Aiyanna. I don't just leave behind so many grandchildren and great grandchildren but I also leave behind many nieces and nephews who I loved were also blessing to me. Boy is my brain tired! Never ever did I think I would have so many blessings to remember but my Sally will remember them. She has that special gift of remembering everyone and everything. Sally knows that you are in God's hands just like I am. My sons, daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren I was a very blessed man who was very proud of you and loved you very much. Don't ever forget to read your Bible pray and know that God loves you and is always with you. May the Lord Jesus bless and keep you, surround you with His angels, be your front guard and your rear guard, may He hold you in the palm of His hands, and hide you under His wings and in the shadow of the Almighty. In Jesus Name Amen love Mart dear ole dad grampa and tata
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