Stephanie Mayer

Obituary of Stephanie Mayer

Stephanie Mayer, 76, of Apalachin, New York passed away on Sunday, May 19, 2024. She was born October 14, 1947, in Rome, New York where she resided throughout her childhood. Stephanie has lived in many places in upstate New York, including Norwich, Ithaca, and Endicott before residing in Apalachin. Stephanie was a lover of life who enjoyed spending time in her community. Stephanie adored taking walks at Hickories Park and playing shuffleboard at the Johnson City Senior Center where she cherished meeting new people. Stephanie also stayed up to date with community projects, especially the construction at Wilson Medical Center. Stephanie was a huge fan of music and dancing! She knew many different dances like the waltz, polka, and jitterbug. Stephanie frequented local music festivals where she brought her tambourine and sang her heart out to tunes. Stephanie was also fond of viewing live bands at the local bar with her friend Karen and jamming at home to a variety of music, from gospel to country and Michael Jackson, Stephanie loved a good beat! Stephanie was also an avid crafter. Stephanie made numerous latch hook rugs that she would give away to friends or donate locally. If she wasn't out in the community or rocking out to music, then you could find Stephanie at Carol's Creations making stain glass artwork, Michael's Craft Store, or Hobby Lobby! Stephanie survived by her close friends who became her family over the years, Donna Spearman, Bonnie Shirley, Robin Scott, and Karen Disbro. Stephanie and Bonnie have known each other for over 40 years and have many fond memories together. Robin and Stephanie would venture into the community together, and Robin regards Stephanie as family. Donna had known Stephanie for many years and has a wonderful memory of Stephanie that captures Stephanie's caring and generous nature. When Donna, Stephanie, and another friend went out for lunch, Donna told Stephanie that she didn't need to worry about the bill. Stephanie then announced that she was going to the bathroom, but instead flagged down the waitress to hand her a bundle of cash to cover everyone's meal as a surprise to her lunch guests. Funeral services and for Stephanie Mayer will be held Thursday, May 30th at 12pm at Vestal Park Cemetery (behind Vestal United Methodist Church) with burial following afterwards.
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